Balancing Efficiency and Readability with Code

So I've been around in the web industry as a professional for some time now, woo hoo! Now when anyone does something professionally for long enough time its only natural to hit a point where simply being able to do something isn't enough. Anyone in the...

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Weekly Inspiration #105

Every Sunday I plan on posting a Weekly Inspiration post. This is where I showcase a song and quote that is inspiring my creative side for the upcoming week....

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jQuery Quickie: LazySlider

Welcome to jQuery quickie, and here is where I share some of the jQuery goodness that is in something I have done for a project. Then again, there are still going to be those days where I just want to try something out to see if I can do it and post it....

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ACF Vs. CMB: WP Custom Field Comparison

So these past few weeks I've been on a couple of WP projects where I've had the pleasure of using the two great Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) plugin and WP Custom Meta Box(CMB) library to add extra meta data functionality. In both projects these two both...

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Back To Business: New Posts On The Way

So although its been a little over a month since my last article, and another month between that one and its proceeding article. In these months I've gotten a lot of emails from people who enjoyed an article I've written in the past. After the appreciation...

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